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The EVOLUTION and SMART models are electromechanical operators for swing pedestrian doors They can be used to automate both pre-existing swing doors and new ones Their most notable features include robustness and a silent movement They can be used both indoors and outdoors and on single or double doors Their design also allows them to be mounted on either side of the door frame as they integrate into any setting.

These models have many applications, including public or private entrances for disabled persons or stores with a continuous stream of people and limited space They are completely airtight and are therefore highly energy efficient Furthermore, they have a wide and varied range of accessories to ensure user safety.

EVOLUTION AND SMART operators have a large variety of functions that allows their operation to be adapted to meet the needs of each client In addition to the usual “Push & Go” and exit-only features, etc , they have others such as a courtesy feature for people with disabilities and an automatic increase in the opening and closing force when windy They also allow the possibility to increase the waiting time when there is a continuous flow of people or simply to disable the automatic operation and use the door as a manual swing door when necessary

Power supply 230 vac 230 vac -110 vac
Maximum weight per leaf 250kg 125kg
Maximum leaf width 1400mm 1200mm
Maximum opening angle 95 95
Power 75w 75w
Airtightness (PI) IP22 IP22
Operator measurements 106 h x 120 d x 550 l 106 h x 120 d x 550 l