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 With ROLL SPRINT'M you prepare against any unexpected situation

You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. For thos reason, damage caused by accidents resulting from negligence cannot unfortunately be rules out. And so it happens again and again that at some time or another the fork lift for example is too fast or the Hi-speed Roller door is too slow. However that may be, the outcome is the same. The door is faulty and cannot function efficiently. At long last ROLL SPRINT'M now puts and end to this.
Crash caused by fork lift

The anti-crash effect of the new door ROLL SPRINT'M functions as follows: If as a result of high speed a vehicle runs into the door blade, the door blade swings out of the guide rails and normally relocates itself automatically into the guide channel. Damage through accidents and downtime repair cost are avoided. The interruption free operation and production process is secured to a greater extent.
The door break away device is 
pushed out of the guides with no 
damage to the bottom beam